Everyday is closer to a cure.
Until then, let's make more of the Good Days...

We know that living with Dementia is a daily challenge for both the individual, and the family and carers by their side. That’s why we developed ‘A Good Day’ subscription service box. Every second month we thoughtfully and carefully create our boxes to ensure that the contents bring joy and happiness to all.

what's inside

What’s in the box?

Every box is filled with a variety of products designed to help with daily life and encourage recreation and activity. We often include puzzles, arts and crafts, cuddly companions, memories through the decades and delicious treats. The boxes are always evolving and your feedback helps us to tailor the items to really make a difference. Where possible, we also include direction to support networks and advice or stories from real people.

How It works - joining is easy

step 1

Step 1

Sign up for our Bi-Monthly Subscription and never miss a box. You can buy a one-off box too, but we always have a limited number available.

step 2

Step 2

Wait for dispach day! Our boxes are always a suprise but we fill them with items that can help to bring joy and smiles to your loved one.

step 3

Step 3

Wait for dispatch day! Enjoy activities, treats, sensory items, positive reading and more as the exitement of unboxing begins.