Why You Should visit a Dementia Café

Dementia cafés are growing in popularity across the United Kingdom. It all started in 1997 when the original dementia was set up in the Netherlands. While it is like any café offering a good cup of tea, it is also focused on helping people that are living with dementia and offering support to caregivers too. It can be just the day out you have been looking for. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of a dementia café and why you should consider visiting.

Enjoy a Comfortable and Safe Space

There are not many places or services that are dedicated to people that are living with dementia, which makes a dementia café extra special. It is a safe space that is designed to be comfortable for everyone, with a relaxed café vibe that is going to be welcoming and enjoyable. Everybody will be able to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, as well as a biscuit and have the chance to socialise and have a fun time together. Normally, there are volunteers that are trained, which can mean that you can have support and learn more about dementia while you are there. The aim is to make everyone feel comfortable, relieving stress and loneliness for caregivers and people that are living with dementia. Dementia cafés normally run for a few hours, which means you can stay for the whole time or just for a little while; it is completely your choice.

Socialise and Make New Friends

In adult years, it can be difficult to make new friends. This is especially true if you do not go anywhere new. In particular, people that are living with dementia can feel like isolated and lonely if they do not go out as often as they used to. But at a dementia café, men and women that are living with dementia can meet and socialise somewhere that has a welcoming atmosphere that is specially for them. A dementia café enjoys a group setting where you can talk to lots of different people that are going through the same thing, which can offer you comfort and let you know that you are not alone. Everyone is there to meet each other and have some fun, which means everything is relaxed and laidback. You can go to the dementia café on a regular basis and meet your new friends frequently to catch up over a cup of tea. Having a weekly outing planned gives you something to look forward to.

Feel More Confident

As men and women get older, it becomes easier to lose self-confidence, particularly when it comes to socialising. This is also true for people that are living with dementia. But the great thing about a dementia café is that because it has a welcoming atmosphere and it is a safe space for everyone, men and women can gain their confidence back. You can combat loneliness and feel better about yourself by sharing your life stories with people of a similar age and that are going through the same thing. This can really uplift the spirits and make your day a lot better. It can be the little things that can help make living with dementia easier and better.

Learn About Dementia

There is still a lot that we can all learn about dementia and sometimes it can feel like there is not enough support or information out there. This is where a dementia café can help. With the staff running the dementia café normally being trained, there can be support for caregivers and advice available. In addition, you can also learn from the experiences of other people that are living with dementia.

Have Some Fun

Living with dementia or taking care of someone that has dementia can be hard and distressing at times. But the great thing about a dementia café is that it can be just what you need to have some fun and enjoy a different setting. You would be surprised with a good cuppa and some chatting can do! You can get out of the house for a few hours and relax, socialise and have fun in a community atmosphere. Having an inclusive place for people that are living with dementia means everyone can have some fun and unwind. While you can chat over a cup of tea and make new friends, a lot of dementia cafés also run different activities that you can enjoy too. This can be something to look forward to. For example, this may include music days listening to your favourite tunes of the past, visits from therapy pets and exciting quizzes that everybody can join in with. A dementia café can be just what you need to take your mind off things and enjoy some fun with your new friends or loved ones.